5 Reasons to Juice: Do You Know About All of These?

I can give probably give you 100 reasons why you should be juicing. But, to save you some time reading and get you right into the throws of good health, I’ll narrow down the list to 5. Hopefully, my top 5 reasons to juice will have you heading to the grocery store today to pick up some luscious fruits and veggies to work with.

If you’re already juicing, you might know about some of these ways that your juices contribute to good health.

But, maybe you’ll learn a few things that will have you more excited about juicing, and more committed to your super drinks.

For those of you who are new to juicing or haven’t tried it yet, I hope you pick up some bits of information that will encourage you to fuel your body with great liquid nourishment.

So what are my top reasons to juice? Here they are.

Concentrated Nutrients

Juicing gives the body a wonderful source of concentrated, bioavailable nutrients. In one cup of juice, you have a robust package of nutrients that can cleanse toxins, help you lose weight, and allow you to simply live healthier.

Most people know they should be eating a lot of fruits and vegetables throughout the day.

But, some don’t want to spend the time preparing them by cooking, steaming, or the like.

Sometimes, people just don’t like the taste of veggies, which is where a little fruit juice mixed in can help.

Imaging getting a potent dose of the micronutrients that fruits and veggies provide without having to find creative ways to fit them into a busy life.

Juicing makes it possible for you to get much of your daily requirements of fruits and vegetables in 1 serving.

When you juice, you can easily drink 5 oranges worth of vitamin C or ingest the vitamin A from 6 carrots.

Remember though, that juicing takes the fiber out of your produce.

So, while you’re getting vitamins and minerals from your juices, you still need to eat some whole fruits and vegetables to benefit from the complete profile of the food.

Low Calorie Nutrition

Fruit and vegetable juices, especially veggie juices, are extremely low in calories per serving compared to other foods with the same vitamins and minerals. Think about it.

A cup of kale has just 33 calories.

You can put 4 cups of kale in your juicer, make a filling and healthy drink, and just consume 132 calories.

Throw an apple in and you’re still at about 220 calories for an extremely satisfying and good-for-you snack.


Fruits and vegetables are loaded with antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds that support the body’s natural detoxification processes.

Juicing with fruits and veggies allows you to get a powerful, dense dose of these phytonutrients into your body to help keep it running clean.

The amount of toxins a person has in their body depends on many factors: the food she eats, what kind of chemicals she’s exposed to, how much exercise she gets, and the quality of air in her personal environment are just a few.

Most toxins build up over time. Juicing helps get rid of cumulative toxic substances that are stored in the body.

Reports show that, on average, 147 harmful chemicals are found in most people’s blood streams. Many of these show up in newborn children’s blood.

Juicing detoxifies the body’s systems by providing them with powerful phytonutrients that help them clean out toxins enter through the mouth, skin, and nose.


Your body needs water, and fruits and veggies have tons of water in them. I hope you’re drinking 6 to 8 glasses of water each day.

But, in between your servings of water you can hydrate more – and in a delicious way – with juices.

Making pure water and juices the majority of your liquid intake helps you avoid filling up with sugary drinks, soda, and other beverages that aren’t that great for you.

Drink juices and your body will function more efficiently because the water in them helps eliminate toxins, replace fluids lost from exercise, and get rid of brain fog.

Increased Energy

When you juice, you’ll probably feel the difference in your energy level. You may feel lighter and like you do things with more efficiency.

Some people feel like they’re filled with a pizzazz they didn’t know they had in them.

Juicing floods the body with nutrients that are in a form it can easily digest and assimilate.

Quick absorption means fast energy. But, it’s energy that doesn’t leave you crashing afterward.

Juicing gives the body loads of vitamins and minerals are readily available for the body’s systems to use to keep, so that it can stay fueled and feeling well.

Need more reasons to juice? Make a glass or two of yummy fruit or veggie juice today and I think you may be able to feel some right away.

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