5 Reasons to Juice: Do You Know About All of These?

I can give probably give you 100 reasons why you should be juicing. But, to save you some time reading and get you right into the throws of good health, I’ll narrow down the list to 5. Hopefully, my top 5 reasons to juice will have you heading to the grocery store today to pick up some luscious fruits and veggies to work with. Continue reading

Stay Healthy with Natural Skin Care

Do you know if your skin care products are good for you? Some people don’t. Most people use some sort of products on their skin, whether it’s soap, cleanser, moisturizer, oil, or something else. Many times, these skin care products are toxic. If you want to treat your skin and your entire body well, make sure you’re using natural skin care products. Continue reading

The Benefits of a Plant-Based Diet

Summertime offers the perfect opportunity to start eating healthier. During summer, many of us want to feel great in our bodies. So, we adopt better food habits in hopes of wearing a skin-baring outfit and embracing the entire experience. And, we clean things up so we can have energy for all of the fun seasonal activities. Continue reading

Wondering How to Juice Fruits and Vegetables? Juice the Rainbow

Have you ever walked past the stalls at the farmers’ market and noticed how colorful fruits and veggies are? They’re beautiful and brilliant – like a rainbow. Have you every wondered what they best way to juice fruits and vegetables is? I think it’s making juices from produce that spans all of the colors of the rainbow. Continue reading

Top Detox Retreats Around the World

Want to join like-minded people in celebration of good health? Looking for places where you can juice, detox, and enjoy wellbeing in a beautiful setting? I’ve come up with a list of the top 5 detox retreats around the world that you might want to checkout. Continue reading