Juicing recipes for your health

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How to Clean Fruits and Veggies Naturally

Before you make any kind of juice, it’s important to thoroughly clean your produce. I’m going to show you how to clean fruits and veggies naturally, so that the juicing path you’re on is the healthiest it can be and is harsh-chemical free. Continue reading

Doing a Juice Detox? Detox Your Mind Too!

Juice detoxes are popular and they can be quite effective. Cleansing the body with fresh juices is great way to make up for unhealthy eating habits of the past – and to forge boldly into a healthy future. Part of turning over a new leaf on the health front, however, should include a detox of the mind too. Continue reading

8 Reasons to Juice Turmeric

Many people know turmeric as a main ingredient in Indian cooking, this yellow food also makes a great addition to daily juices. There are many reasons to juice turmeric, one of the top being the root’s high antioxidant profile. Continue reading

Turn your Juice into Cocktails: Juicing Cocktail Recipes

If you’re juicing for health – or thinking about starting a juicing plan – consider that the yummy juice creations you make can also give cocktails a nutritional boost. There are so many amazing juice blends that you can make. Imagine those same, healthy and scrumptious juices in juicing cocktail recipes! Continue reading