Top Detox Retreats Around the World

Want to join like-minded people in celebration of good health? Looking for places where you can juice, detox, and enjoy wellbeing in a beautiful setting? I’ve come up with a list of the top 5 detox retreats around the world that you might want to checkout.

These top retreats offer juice fasts and healthy food, detox programs, exercise regimes, and mindfulness classes that help you focus on what’s good for you – in a dedicated healing environment.

If you feel you need to get away from the challenges of daily life, and have the support of people trained in health and healing – think about visiting one of these retreats.

Detox retreats are More than Just Juicing

It’s easy to follow a juicing plan every day. I’ve showed you how to shop for produce, prep your fruits and vegetables, and make amazing juices.

And, I’ve shared how important it is to look at health from a perspective that goes beyond just juicing.

Optimal health requires that we eat clean, whole foods – and juice them as a compliment. But, staying healthy also means that we address all of our needs: physical, mental, and spiritual.

Detox retreats are spots where you can go and do just that. You can visit these retreats monthly – or a few times a year – and escape long enough to be with yourself in a space of healing.

They allow you to examine what you truly need to stay healthy for the long haul.

Everyone’s needs are different, so you might find a retreat that focuses primarily on healthy eating ideal.

Maybe you’ve got juicing and your diet down pat, and you’re hoping to find a retreat that helps you focus your mind. Perhaps your soul needs a little attention.

Whatever you think would help you become the healthiest you could be here and now – in mind, body, or spirit – can likely found in one of the following 5 detox retreats:

Harem Escape (Marrakesh, Morocco)

Harem is one of the most luxurious detox retreats around the world. It gives woman a change to renew and replenish their mind, body, and soul.

Harem Escape is an oriental paradise that helps its guest close out all stress or worries.

Harem pampers their clientele with healthy meals, yoga, meditation, massages, facials, and more. At Harem (the word means forbidden, or kept safe, in Arabic) you’re secluded in an environment that promotes only health and wellbeing.

Contact retreat for location.

Harem Escape (Marrakesh, Morocco)

Harem Escape (Marrakesh, Morocco)

Pacha Mama (Costa Rica)

Pacha Mama offers a powerful 100% organic detox that revolves around juice fasting (all ingredients are locally sourced and often grown on Pacha Mama grounds). Healing techniques at Pacha Mama also include colonic hydrotherapy, use of medicinal herbs, acupuncture, and yoga.

The staff at Pacha Mama offers nutritional counseling so you can learn how to cleanse your body with foods that keep toxins away. Pacha Mama programs also focus on relieving stress as a way to find optimum health.

Apartado #110, Boca de Nosara, 5233, Nicoya, Guanacaste, Costa Rica

Pacha Mama (Costa Rica)

Pacha Mama (Costa Rica)

We Care Spa (California, USA)

The programs at We Care Spa in Palms Springs, California are all about detoxing from stressful everyday experiences. This retreat helps its guests get rid of toxic thoughts (bad habits, self doubt, relationship issues, etc.), and it focuses on cleaning out environmental toxins that may have accumulated in the body.

We Care Spa is a holistic spa and retreat that’s internationally known and respected. It’s been a pioneer in juice fasting for more than 25 years and it specializes in colonics as a detox method. We Care Spa sits in a desert oasis that offers recluse from the bustle of city living.

18000 Long Canyon Rd, Desert Hot Springs, CA 92241

We Care Spa (California, USA)

We Care Spa (California, USA)

Simply Healing (United Kingdom)

If you’ve wanted to try a juice fast, but didn’t like the idea of deprivation, consider letting the folks at Simply Healing guide you the process.

Simply Healing in the UK walks women through effective – and enjoyable – juice fasts each day.

The program takes place at Alliblaster House, a retreat that sits in a 19th Century Georgian Mansion. The reatreat location is 2 hours from London and it’s overseen by Vivien Kay, a veteran traveler who decorates guest rooms with art curated from her travels.

The juices are amazing at Simply Healing and the people are kind.

Hillhouse La, Horsham RH12 3BD, United Kingdom

Simply Healing (United Kingdom)

Simply Healing (United Kingdom)

Sha Wellness Clinic (Spain)

Sha is one of the only detox retreats around the world that focuses solely on macrobiotic practice. Guests eat a lot of brown rice – and they don’t consume any dairy, eggs, or animal flesh.

The retreat space at Sha is minimal and soothing. A white temple reflects Oriental style and philosophy, and a private floatarium lets guests luxuriate in a dimly-lit room that houses shallow salt-water pool.

Guests receive reiki (a treatment that balances your energies without a therapist actually laying hands on you) in individual sessions.

Calle de Verderol, 5, 03581 El Albir, Alicante, Spain

Sha Wellness Clinic (Spain)

Sha Wellness Clinic (Spain)

These top detox retreats around the world offer solutions for many health issues, and they’re wonderful places to visit even if you’re already in a state of good health.

It’s always a good idea to take time for ourselves – to reflect on who we are, what we want from life, and what we have to offer others.

These top 5 detox retreats around the world will help put you in a place to consider these things. They assist people in finding the best version themselves so that they can experience long-lasting health and happiness.

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